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Dry Type Power Transformer
Dry Type Distribution Transformer
Dry Type On-load Voltage-regulating Transformer
Dry Type Rectifier Frequency Transformer
Dry Type Earthing Transformer
Amorphous alloy resin casting dry type
 Distribution transformer product introduction
 Box-type substation product introduction

KYN28-12 High-pressure vacuum switch cabinet series

GCS low voltage draw out type switch cabinet

GGD AC Low Voltaqe Distribution Cabinet

  Product General Introduction
  All product of our company are designed independently, self-developed, complete product range including 3 main
type 7 kinds of transformer. The main products are: S11-M type 10kV full-sealed distribution transformer, S11type
10kV series distribution transformer, SZ11 type 35kV double-wound on-load tap changer power transformer, S11 type
35kV double-wound off-circuit tap-changing transformer and SH15 type 10kV full-sealed amorphous alloy
distribution transformer.

S11 type 10kV series distribution transformer


SH15 type 10kV full-sealed amorphous alloy distribution transformer



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