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    The design and manufacture of epoxy resin poured transformer in Jinan Zhiheng Special Transformer Company
adopts Germany Siemens technology. Our products have the following characteristics.
    1. low PD
    Windings adopt foil structure, so HV winding's neighborhood circles have only one et.(only 6 to 40V) which
makes interceded insulation endure a very low working voltage. Thus, the electric field of windings can gain a
good improvement and the PD value can live up to very low. These are the concentrated embodiment of foil winding's
    2. high electricity capability
    Initial distribution of thunder impact voltage along with windings affects spoiling degree of winding's good
insulation. Initial voltage distribution of HV foil windings near to be linearity, so dry type transformers have a
thunder impact endure ability.
    Foil width of LV winding's is the reactance height and LV current follows the balance between ampere-turns,
axial pull induced by short circuit of winding is nearly zero.
    3. good resisting crack ability
    Our transformer's windings adopt resin mixed with silicon poured and foil structure. We do many experiments
resisting crack(e.g. alternating between cold and heat, heat impact, speediness lagging). The results of
experiments show that our transformers can be used in occasions such as damp, high temperature and temperature
varying in large range, and also satisfy requires for resisting crack after running a long time.
    4. strong over-load ability
    The heat conductivity factor of rosin mixed with silicon is 2 or 3 times of that of pure rosin. When windings
transformers of the same power capacity have the same on-load loss, resin mixed silicon poured transformer
has big thermal ability and thermal timer constant of windings can make itself have a strong over-load ability.
    5. good environmental conservation character
    The advantages of our dry type transformers are maintenance-free, protection against the tide, resisting damp
and heat, flame retardant characteristic of our dry type transformers has been substantiated at burning
    Our dry type transformers can well adapt to environments. They can meet the needs for environment level E2,
climate level C2, flame retardant level F1.




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