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    1. Dry type on-load voltage-regulating transformer overview
    With the expansion of urban construction, high-rise buildings and underground facilities, people's requirement
on power transformer in the field of fire prevention, environmental protection, energy saving and covering areas
increase continuously. As the resin insulated dry-type transformers have the advantage of fire prevention, not
easy to burn, in-explosive, does not pollute the environment, small volume, no oil, no special effect of fire
facilities, in-depth load, low cost of installation, maintenance-free, get rapid development recently years and
have become essential to power system equipment of China. The large capacity on-load voltage-regulating dry type
transformers have been paid more and more attention by electric supply and demand unit gradually as having the
advantage of supplying power voltage can be regulated rapidly and easily, the voltage is stable etc .
    Large capacity on-load voltage-regulating dry power transformers are usually used to locations of high load
level, and with always be pair configuration. They are supplied by two separate 35kV power grid, each of the
secondary side are connected distribution transformers of nearly same total capacity, and secondary connected by
on-load isolate switch .






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