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    Rectifier transformer is the most widely used kind in AC transformers, the DC power supply used in industries
mostly comes from the power grid through the rectifier equipment combined by rectifier transformer and rectifier.
In highly modernized today, we can see its great use directly or indirectly in almost every area. The main purpose
of the rectifier transformer is as follows:
    1. Electrochemical industry
    Electrochemical industry use rectifier transformer for the most. Electrolyze nonferrous metal compounds to
make aluminum,magnesium, copper and other metals; electrolyze salt to make chlorine alkali, electrolyze water to
obtain hydrogen and oxygen, Rectification of such devices have the following characteristics:
    1) Voltage of side of the valve is not larger than 1000V, the current can be as high as about 100KA, single
unit capacity can be from tens to tens of thousands KVA;
    2) Electrolysis load is continuous all day long;
    3) Voltage of side of the valve regulated frequently.
    2. DC power for traction
    (1) Used for mine or the city's DC power grid, this type of rectifier transformer is basic same with power
transformer in structure, which usually adopts non-excitation regulator, the voltage regulation by 5%, in order to
comply with the exchange of voltage fluctuations.
    (2) Used for the electrified power tram, usually the side net voltage of the rectifier voltage transformer is
line voltage of single-phase transmission line.
    The single-phase rectifier transformers have three characteristics as follow:
    1) As needs of speed regulation performance, the voltage regulation amplitude is large and frequently,
therefore the regulator shall be sensitive, some use controllable silicon to regulate voltage.
    2) There are more than secondary windings to supply the motor armature, magnetization and other applications
    3) The outline dimension shall be suitable to load on the power tramp.








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