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KYN28-12 High-pressure vacuum switch cabinet series

GCS low voltage draw out type switch cabinet

GGD AC Low Voltaqe Distribution Cabinet

  1.Range of application
   This device is applicable to power distribution system of industries of power plant, petroleum, chemical,
metallurgy, textile and high-rise building. And applicable to power supply system at location required high degree
of automation and interface with the computer as large scale power plant, petrochemical system, served as 3 phase
AC 50(60) Hz with rated working voltage not exceeding 660V, rated current not exceeding 4000A.
  Design of this device is compliant with the following standards:
  IEC439-1 《Low Voltage Unit Switch Equipment and Control Equipment》
  GB7251.1-1997 《Low Voltage Unit Switch Equipment and Control Equipment》

2. Type and the meaning

   3.Service conditions
   3.1 Ambient temperature not higher than +40℃, not lower than -5℃. Average temperature not higher than +35℃
within 24 hours. Reduce the capacity to run when over temperature.
   3.2 Altitude of using site not exceeding 2000m when used indoor.
   3.3 Ambient air relative humidity not exceeding 50% at max. temperature +40℃, higher humidity is allowed at
lower temperature, 90% at +20℃, condensation occasionally because of temperature change shall be considered.
   3.4 The lean between equipment and vertical plane shall not exceed 5°, and the whole group cabinet row
relative neat (compliant with GBJ232-82 standard).
   3.5 The equipment shall be mounted at site without serious vibration and impact in order to protect the
electric components.
   3.6 Please consult our company is special requirement is needed.
   4.Structure character:
   4.1 The main framework of device use 8MF structural steel, the framework adopts assembling and partial
welding 2 structure forms. Pore modulus E=20mm installed on the main framework.
   4.2 Each function room of device is separated strictly from each other, the main compartment is divided 
into functional unit rooms, bus room, and cable room. Each room is relatively independent function modules.
   4.3 Dimension of cabinet body of device
   4.4 Function unit:
    a)The modulus of drawer floor height is 160mm, being divided into: 1/2 unit, 1.5 unit, 1 unit, 2 unit, 3 unit
five dimension series. Unit loop rated current 400A and lower;
    b)Dimension of drawer only changes on the height, the width and depth will not be changed, drawers with same
function unit have good interchange ability.
    c)Each MCC cabinet can be installed with eleven 1 unit drawer or twenty-two 1/2 unit drawer, of which larger
than 1 unit drawer mostly adopts multifunction backboard;
    d)In and out line of drawer adopts joint bar of same dimension plate structure with different plates
according to the current level.
    e)The switchover between 1/2 unit drawer and cable room adopts back board structure ZJ-2 type switchover
    f)The switchover between unit drawer and cable room adopts bar and active tube type structure of same
dimension ZJ-1 type switchover pieces according to current stepping;
    g)There are obvious marks on the panel of drawer as: OFF, ON, TEST, DRAW OUT etc.
    h)There is no mechanical interlock device for drawer unit;
    4.5 Feeder cabinet and motor control cabinet equipped with specialized cable separating room, connection
between function unit and cable room can be realized through switchover piece or copper bar, which can increase
the using reliability of cable and provide installation and maintenance for the user with great convenience.
    There are two width dimension (240mm and 440mm) for choose, which can be determined by the quantity of cable,
section and the requirement of installation and maintenance of the user.
    4.6 Auxiliary contact joint coupled number of function unit of device: for 1 unit and larger is 32 pairs, 1/2
unit 20 pairs, meeting the requirement of automation user and computer interface.
    4.7 Considering the universality and safety of dry-type transformer and economics of oil-immersed transformer,
the device can be composed as a unit with dry-type transformer, and connected with LV bus of oil-immersed
transformer conveniently.
    4.8 Drawer as main body, meanwhile with withdraw and fixed type, which can be combined and being selected
    4.9 The device is designed by three-phase five-wire system and three-phase four-wire system, PE+N or PEN type
can be chosen conveniently by design department and the user.
    4.10 Protection class of cabinet body is IP30, IP40 type.


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