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 Distribution transformer product introduction
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KYN28-12 High-pressure vacuum switch cabinet series

GCS low voltage draw out type switch cabinet

GGD AC Low Voltaqe Distribution Cabinet

    Product brief introduction:
     YB series prefabricated substation (also called box-type substation)

integrates high voltage power distribution device, power transformer and low
voltage power distribution device into a whole or several cabinets compactly
according to a certain line scheme. This series product applies to outdoor and
indoor installation and is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises,
residence community, high-rise building, station, wharf, temporary works area etc... It has the character of small
volume, compact structure, attractive appearance, convenient erection and repair, short testing cycle for
installation, unmanned duty, high economic efficiency etc... Especially it works its way in load center which is
significant to increase power supply quality, reduce power loss, enhance the safety and reliability of power
supply system and the rebuilding of distribution electric network.
     This series product is compliant with the standards of GB/T17467-1998《High and low voltage prefabricated 
substation》, QB/DQ9466-88 《GGD basic testing method》, DL/T537-93《6~35kV box substation order technical
specifications》, IEC1330 etc..

Structure features:

    1. Cabinet skeletal structure of this series product adopts channel steel, structural steel and angles steel,
with high mechanical strength and can be hoisted and transported integrally.
    2.Caigang composite panel, stainless steel plate, dip aluminum-zinc plate + pressure immersion paint wood
board or glass fiber material enclosure can be chosen according to the customer’s requirement. The product has
attractive appearance and good performance of anti-corrosion, heat insulation and denoiser.

   3.Independent small rooms are formed by separating between the rooms using partition. Automatic remove

condensation temperature control and ventilation system are equipped in the transformer room.
    4.Transformer room, low voltage room and high voltage room are equipped with illumination device for
convenient monitoring and maintenance.
    Technical parameter:
Unit name Item Unit Parameter




Rated frequency HZ 50
Rated voltage kV 6 10 35
Max. working voltage kV 6.9 11.5 40.5
Power frequency withstand voltage to earth and interphase/ isolation clearance kV 32/36 42/48 95/118
Thunder impulse voltage to earth and interphase/ isolation clearance kV 60/70 75/85 185/215
Rated current A 400A/600A
Rated short time withstand current kA 12.5(2S) 16(2S) 20(2S)
Rated peak value withstand current kA 31.5 40 50


Rated voltage V 380/220
Rated current of major loop A 100~3200
Rated short time withstand current kA 15 30 50
Rated peak value withstand current kA 30 63 110
Branch current A 10~800
Branch loop number Road 1~12
Compensation capacity kVar 0~360
Transformer unit Rated capacity kVA 50~2500
Impedance voltage % 4 4~6
Tapping range   ±2×2.5%  ±5%
Connection type   Yyn0 Dyn11
    Service condition:
  • Altitude: ≤1000m;
  • Ambient temperature: highest temperature +40℃, lowest temperature -25℃; highest daily average temperature: +30℃, highest yearly average temperature: +20℃;
  • Outdoor wind speed not exceeding 35m/s;
  • Relative air temperature not exceeding 90%(+25℃);
  • Ground gradient not exceeding 3%;
  • Earthquake horizontal acceleration not exceeding 0.4m/s;
  • Earthquake vertical acceleration not exceeding 0.2m/s;
  • No fire, explosion danger, chemical corrosion or strenuous vibration on installation site.


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