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    1. Strong overload ability
    Dry type high-capacity high-low-voltage power transformer core and coil are not air-conditioned, which improve
the overload ability. Filled with quartz sand the resin thermal conductivity is 2-3 times of that of the pure
resin. When the load loss of same capacity of transformers equals, as the hot melt of transformer windings filled
with quartz sand is big, thermal time constant of winding is big, the short-time overload ability of the
transformer is strong.
    2. High electricity performance
    The initial distribution of thunder and lighting impulse voltage along windings impacts the damage degree of
transformer winding insulation. The initial voltage distribution of foil winding approach linear, therefore,
Zhiheng dry type transformers have very good impact-resistant ability against thunder and Lightning.
    3. Good anti-cracking performance
    The dry type transformer coil of our company adopts filled resin casting and complete foil structure, which of
subject to kinds of anti-cracking experiment (as cold and heat alternating experiment, thermal impact experiment
and rapid ageing experiment), the experiment proves that transformers of our company can satisfy the requirement
high wet and hot and locations of large temperature scope, and also can satisfy the crack-resistant requirement
after long-term running.
    4. Low partial discharge value
    The coil adopts foil structure, only one inter-turn electric potential (only 15 ~ 65V) between cakes of HV
windings,which make the inter-layer insulation work voltage quite low. Therefore the electric field of coil get
improved, the partial discharge value can be very low, which is the concentration externalization of foil winding
coil superiority.


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