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    Earthing transformer is used in medium-sized point insulation of the three-phase power system, which is used
for providing a man-made neutral point for such system. The neutral point can be connected to the ground directly,
or can be connected to ground through reactor, resistor or extinction coil.
    Medium-sized point insulation system lead out man-made medium-size point with the purpose as follows:
    1) Overhead lines are easily affected by the live cloud, dust, hail, fog and rain and the induction gradually
electrostatic charge will appear, by which the line-to-ground voltage can be changed. With the induction charge
gathering, the line and the associated equipment will result in a high suspension potential to ground, which will
damage insulation of the line and the associated equipment. If the neutral point man-made connected to earth, the
induction electrostatic charge can be transmitted to the earth, which will avoid the damage to the line and the
associated equipment.
    2) In the neutral point insulation system, high-voltage shock exists generally. If the neutral point connected
to the ground, the high-voltage shock can be declined to the minimum extent.
    3) When single phase ground fault occurs in neutral point insulation system, usually in the form of arc light
grounding,means intermittent electric arc appears. Meanwhile no fault line-to-ground voltage will be line voltage,
line-to-ground capacitance current will increase to 1.732 times of the original, and the capacitance current of
fault point is a relatively 1.732 times, so the capacitance current of fault point will be 3 times of the normal
line-to-ground capacitance current. The capacitance of point can be compensated by the inductor current through
the extinction coil, by which the intermittent arc will be put out automatically soon.
    4) Medium-sized point insulation system lead out man-made medium-size point and connect to the ground (not
through extinction arc), mating with automatic protection device, can isolate the fault part from the no-fault






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