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    SCBH15 series amorphous alloy resin casting dry type transformer, is now a latest energy saving transformer and
whit low loss.The series products combine technology advantages of amorphous alloy iron core transformer with HV
LV foil winding,packing epoxy resin casting dry type transformer, the loss of which is reduced by 70% than that of
same capacity of normal series products. The series products have the advantages of nice appearance, low partial
discharge, low noise,strong overload ability, good environmental protection, free from maintenance etc.
    1. No-load loss significantly decline
    No-load loss is reduced by about 70% than rate value of GB/T10228-2008, no-load loss index is superior to the
rate value of GB/T10228-2008 dry type amorphous alloy iron core distribution transformer technical parameter and
requirement.The operating cost is reduced effectively, energy conservation effect is notable.
    2. Strong ability of shock-resistant and crack-resistant
    Amorphous alloy iron subject to fully seal and packed treatment, has fine integrality rigidity, which avoid
sympathetic vibration and amorphous alloy fragment slough effectively. Multiple crack-resistant measure have been
adopted. The experiment proves that transformers of our company can satisfy the requirement of high wet and hot
and locations of large temperature scope, and also can satisfy the crack-resistant requirement after long-term
    3. Low noise
    Select reasonable work magnetic density core, which avoid air consonance of airway inside the coils, meanwhile
adopt various of sound-absorbing material in structure and improve core elastic hanging structure etc., which
makes the noise standard of amorphous alloy transformer is far below than requirement of GB1094.10-2003 and
    4. Strong short-circuit resistant ability
    Our products adopt three-phase, four-frame, five-pole, three-phase, three-pole, frame spacing protection
structure,which is impact and reasonable with fine integrality rigidity. H.V. and L.V. coils all adopt foil
winding and cast into an integrity by epoxy resin, which make the transformer has fine short-circuit resistant


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